2017 North West 200 Tuesday 9th May 2017 Practice Session Gallery

Bruce Anstey at the 2017 NW200 on his then Sponsorless Padgetts HondaBruce Anstey at the 2017 NW200 on his then Sponsorless Padgetts Honda

Bruce Anstey at the 2017 NW200 on his then Sponsorless Padgetts Honda

Apologies for it being a bit late, but sometimes you just get busy.

So if you are over at the 2017 Isle of Man TT Races you are right about now probably wishing for the rain to stop!  Don’t worry it is going to – tomorrow is to be a lovely day.

However in the meantime to satisfy your needs for some motorbikes here is my gallery from the 2017 NW200 Tuesday Practice Session… (You’ll see it was soaked in glorious sunshine!)

Photos for this session were taken from the Metropole Grandstand and then the more traditional Metropole Hill.

As with all of my photos please feel free to like, share and even use them.  If you do use them however please credit me with the photograph – Don’t steal it.  I don’t want to start watermarking my photos so if you do use it please – do the right thing.

Also all photos are available in full resolution, so if you would like any of the photographs in their full uneditted glory please just let me know – especially if you are one of the riders!

Contact Me Here.

For the Full Race Results (Saturday) Click Here.

For the Detailed Race Results and Race Breakdowns Click Here.

2017 North West 200 Tuesday 9th May 2017  Practice Session Gallery :

 photo P1030529_zpsvxcenzax.jpg photo P1030530_zpsm1k6pn2x.jpg photo P1030531_zpse9wuxgae.jpg
 photo P1030533_zpstbiphqer.jpg photo P1030534_zpskml7smnp.jpg photo P1030536_zps9m0k0au7.jpg
 photo P1030537_zpswrpqv94i.jpg photo P1030538_zpsqucbqzmy.jpg photo P1030539_zpscaszg0nl.jpg
 photo P1030540_zpseyfxqosp.jpg photo P1030542_zpsyv9rhhml.jpg photo P1030543_zpsa4svbmmn.jpg
 photo P1030546_zpsuwp7oqaa.jpg photo P1030548_zpsk7rhsa51.jpg photo P1030549_zpssfj7hufh.jpg
 photo P1030557_zpsvioibrfx.jpg photo P1030558_zpsbnm2vyre.jpg photo P1030559_zpsn9en8pes.jpg
 photo P1030560_zpsukiernkh.jpg photo P1030562_zpsbwnqmi8v.jpg photo P1030564_zpsb3idwqnv.jpg
 photo P1030567_zpskhqokpjs.jpg photo P1030569_zpsvmcdink7.jpg photo P1030570_zpson47nc82.jpg
 photo P1030572_zps6csddh33.jpg photo P1030571_zpszdmbgc9e.jpg photo P1030573_zpshgqdpivn.jpg
 photo P1030579_zpsji1r28si.jpg photo P1030580_zpsvckp6zcr.jpg photo P1030581_zpsqrnm3qoh.jpg
 photo P1030582_zps6h3x4dyq.jpg photo P1030583_zps2cghry1y.jpg photo P1030584_zpsspzacpel.jpg
 photo P1030587_zps31h8a9ry.jpg photo P1030588_zpsvixp4sip.jpg photo P1030589_zpslm9vsws6.jpg
 photo P1030590_zps3eeblbs0.jpg photo P1030591_zps21hbr1ng.jpg photo P1030592_zpsfpbiqa6g.jpg
 photo P1030593_zpszip8tpzf.jpg photo P1030594_zpspgp948zf.jpg photo P1030595_zpscvx5qcxm.jpg
 photo P1030596_zpsgwy0ynbu.jpg photo P1030597_zpsb5tc4xbm.jpg photo P1030598_zpsexc3fl1m.jpg
 photo P1030600_zpskcv3nzka.jpg photo P1030601_zpsn5frca9q.jpg photo P1030602_zpsmqffmckd.jpg
 photo P1030603_zpsb8zcoh3e.jpg photo P1030604_zpslgemmdbn.jpg photo P1030605_zpsh41twcrl.jpg
 photo P1030606_zpsxx5rnrn3.jpg photo P1030607_zpsbuak7q8h.jpg photo P1030608_zpsqbp6lgyk.jpg
 photo P1030609_zpsgurinzam.jpg photo P1030610_zpsyqgvoaqv.jpg photo P1030611_zpspiqllfbr.jpg
 photo P1030612_zpseuggbx4m.jpg photo P1030613_zpsnzvgesu9.jpg photo P1030615_zpsmi06fun1.jpg
 photo P1030616_zpspipws2o0.jpg photo P1030618_zpstwqpv73o.jpg photo P1030619_zpsjwypy1sp.jpg
 photo P1030620_zpsbastru5d.jpg photo P1030621_zpsomwlt63t.jpg photo P1030622_zps7udbzkwn.jpg
 photo P1030623_zpsifpzfb4k.jpg photo P1030626_zpspuqqphdz.jpg photo P1030627_zpsdo1ibbuq.jpg
 photo P1030628_zpsrtimfxju.jpg photo P1030629_zpsuwdbx9ek.jpg photo P1030630_zpsyjyt8cns.jpg
 photo P1030631_zpsgklv7z5u.jpg photo P1030632_zpsgq694xni.jpg photo P1030634_zpsfluyiu3q.jpg
 photo P1030637_zpsigsze3ar.jpg photo P1030639_zpsuok4ikht.jpg photo P1030640_zpsk0xzllur.jpg
 photo P1030641_zpsfzbycbik.jpg photo P1030643_zpsd8n2s1ys.jpg photo P1030644_zpskt6tafij.jpg
 photo P1030645_zpspodwbi7z.jpg photo P1030649_zps1m1fqxgm.jpg photo P1030651_zps3bhvhlnm.jpg
 photo P1030653_zpswtztjuar.jpg photo P1030655_zpslvh3hiah.jpg photo P1030656_zps1napdkvn.jpg
 photo P1030657_zpsqtpt7czj.jpg photo P1030658_zpsertw2cyz.jpg photo P1030661_zpsihhqptke.jpg
 photo P1030662_zpshx1tsgbj.jpg photo P1030663_zps8nita3sx.jpg photo P1030664_zpsis0sszwf.jpg
 photo P1030667_zpsjwr8oqth.jpg photo P1030668_zpsv4ks2oxw.jpg photo P1030669_zpsrvm5m8am.jpg
 photo P1030670_zpsilcf7ksr.jpg photo P1030671_zpsm6fznkqh.jpg photo P1030674_zpsgcmtqf3i.jpg
 photo P1030675_zpsumfrcrsr.jpg photo P1030677_zpsnhxojt3h.jpg photo P1030678_zpsk27th7lk.jpg
 photo P1030679_zpsygzpgg8i.jpg photo P1030680_zpsbqzy2sxi.jpg photo P1030682_zpscnaad6l1.jpg
 photo P1030683_zpsk22utdrn.jpg photo P1030685_zpsrytwlmw9.jpg photo P1030686_zpscivsqwlw.jpg
 photo P1030688_zpsfwvwwtlb.jpg photo P1030689_zpsifm6pqd5.jpg photo P1030690_zpssytmiwhq.jpg
 photo P1030691_zpsfmhv5ff3.jpg photo P1030692_zpscmvqeosg.jpg photo P1030693_zpsuzzo5qqr.jpg
 photo P1030695_zpso7vm6hca.jpg photo P1030696_zpshfbx5y32.jpg photo P1030698_zpspkazzivw.jpg
 photo P1030699_zps56g2pnq1.jpg photo P1030700_zpsvrek6fy2.jpg photo P1030701_zpsbqddxzi9.jpg
 photo P1030702_zpswv3vypfy.jpg photo P1030703_zpsivjbbmgn.jpg photo P1030704_zpsdlvyazca.jpg
 photo P1030705_zpsab0uz5u7.jpg photo P1030706_zpsh1jr25ad.jpg photo P1030707_zps6smyblul.jpg
 photo P1030708_zpsyvncs8n3.jpg photo P1030709_zps36lrsauh.jpg photo P1030710_zpsfdxvycnq.jpg
 photo P1030711_zpsxz2zrrkl.jpg photo P1030712_zpspdwcckpo.jpg photo P1030713_zpsla0n6iz5.jpg
 photo P1030714_zpsqraix1iu.jpg photo P1030715_zpsyi2h3yxw.jpg photo P1030717_zpsfq6ehjm8.jpg
 photo P1030718_zpsjqprwajh.jpg photo P1030719_zpsxz7vfnay.jpg photo P1030720_zpsfoej3ot1.jpg
 photo P1030722_zpsunoowhn3.jpg photo P1030723_zpsmk4flojg.jpg photo P1030724_zpsras2yooj.jpg
 photo P1030725_zpshtdeuuly.jpg photo P1030726_zpsm933mevk.jpg photo P1030728_zpsyts5bzs0.jpg
 photo P1030729_zpssubvwcsg.jpg photo P1030730_zps75kttjvb.jpg photo P1030731_zpsurx7mjcy.jpg
 photo P1030732_zps7mm51nq2.jpg photo P1030733_zpsgvvnfbda.jpg photo P1030734_zpsjlkmi5gb.jpg
 photo P1030736_zpspsg7jouq.jpg photo P1030737_zpseyu5cj4h.jpg photo P1030741_zpsdymmcgqk.jpg
 photo P1030742_zpsxhxgltxq.jpg photo P1030743_zps0mux6koy.jpg photo P1030744_zpsv34i9gsg.jpg
 photo P1030745_zps1t65vaco.jpg photo P1030747_zpsudrm5b2z.jpg photo P1030748_zps4aoxdpdo.jpg
 photo P1030749_zps9v0u28wq.jpg photo P1030750_zps22flsolx.jpg photo P1030751_zpssplhumap.jpg
 photo P1030752_zpsvxcd8ye4.jpg photo P1030753_zpsyggo2orb.jpg photo P1030754_zpsjl7gf2wa.jpg
 photo P1030755_zpsu9h1m0xi.jpg photo P1030756_zpsncs7pxdr.jpg photo P1030757_zps6vvc94n5.jpg
 photo P1030758_zpsd3li6xjs.jpg photo P1030760_zpsatnhheo1.jpg photo P1030761_zps1taodfwk.jpg
 photo P1030762_zpssqxvyros.jpg photo P1030763_zps3qefogne.jpg photo P1030765_zpsqactvqi1.jpg
 photo P1030766_zps3nzp6tre.jpg photo P1030767_zpsdp7mqmvp.jpg photo P1030768_zpsqzqeqgul.jpg
 photo P1030769_zpsg3vradqk.jpg photo P1030770_zpsa1de7egb.jpg photo P1030771_zpskjoiprgi.jpg
 photo P1030774_zpsgm7nwwfg.jpg photo P1030775_zpsvkhjijjq.jpg photo P1030776_zpsbrmrjj9d.jpg
 photo P1030778_zps6vrt2vvr.jpg photo P1030779_zps4aw6h0ia.jpg photo P1030780_zpsoisljjpc.jpg
 photo P1030781_zpsswao9fdo.jpg photo P1030783_zpsftlcz3j5.jpg photo P1030784_zpsqvhxztb1.jpg
 photo P1030786_zpsiajzhw7r.jpg photo P1030788_zpstoojttfa.jpg photo P1030789_zpsrbkqqzhs.jpg
 photo P1030790_zpsjbe2ayyc.jpg photo P1030791_zps25oqyf3c.jpg photo P1030794_zpsu0hfyqfz.jpg
 photo P1030795_zpsfmvzb5d1.jpg photo P1030796_zps46nzds6u.jpg photo P1030797_zpstelp8xsy.jpg
 photo P1030801_zpsi9j75mmw.jpg photo P1030802_zpslh8vlgom.jpg photo P1030803_zpstvix5mgp.jpg
 photo P1030804_zpszib51aai.jpg photo P1030805_zpsliaieg58.jpg photo P1030806_zpsdmxititk.jpg
 photo P1030808_zpsaaayvklz.jpg photo P1030810_zpsqgduzixz.jpg photo P1030811_zpssseqgm2v.jpg
 photo P1030812_zps7lr7iuzk.jpg photo P1030813_zpstegkko8c.jpg photo P1030814_zpsmlegvkn7.jpg
 photo P1030815_zpsz5sc0oh4.jpg photo P1030816_zps0nbkunss.jpg photo P1030817_zpsfmvfjbk1.jpg
 photo P1030818_zpsgokootwm.jpg photo P1030819_zpsrhzwsdrm.jpg photo P1030820_zpsqytlg7id.jpg
 photo P1030821_zps6xtjnkkl.jpg photo P1030823_zpsdgul60rm.jpg photo P1030824_zpsw5eir0ox.jpg
 photo P1030825_zpsdfzy7y38.jpg photo P1030827_zpsrlcenhgg.jpg photo P1030828_zpsiaidqgyv.jpg
 photo P1030829_zpsopsr7jvu.jpg photo P1030830_zpsipyprrt3.jpg photo P1030831_zpsqcbvqkik.jpg
 photo P1030832_zpsmtk3lluw.jpg photo P1030833_zpslscyh0ld.jpg photo P1030834_zpszv0wx5mo.jpg
 photo P1030835_zpsgr3mcech.jpg photo P1030836_zpsilnl9oog.jpg photo P1030837_zpsvcgz7hz6.jpg
 photo P1030838_zps9e9wkgiz.jpg photo P1030841_zpspnfjybsn.jpg photo P1030842_zpsdxwmqtgy.jpg
 photo P1030843_zpscdh0s3aj.jpg photo P1030844_zpsmt7cro5o.jpg photo P1030845_zpssrl2l4ha.jpg
 photo P1030846_zpsuiyu7llq.jpg photo P1030848_zpsxe72mijw.jpg photo P1030849_zpsm3zbqzbp.jpg
 photo P1030850_zpsz163jrsb.jpg photo P1030851_zpslp38gtlk.jpg photo P1030852_zpsdwn9vg5d.jpg
 photo P1030853_zpsv9wp8mpw.jpg photo P1030854_zpsfgm0ywej.jpg photo P1030855_zpshsiz4s5k.jpg
 photo P1030856_zps3d2qgdb0.jpg photo P1030857_zpsmresxyb3.jpg photo P1030858_zpsr0h8whgy.jpg
 photo P1030859_zps7pygk4iw.jpg photo P1030860_zpsfclfdnxx.jpg photo P1030861_zpsnqjswgw5.jpg
 photo P1030862_zpsomrpl1qc.jpg photo P1030863_zpsnxrx3ruo.jpg photo P1030864_zps16m3i1xq.jpg
 photo P1030865_zpsfbks3q74.jpg photo P1030866_zpssoqsadf7.jpg photo P1030867_zpsesb6dvwg.jpg
 photo P1030870_zpsahwwztcz.jpg photo P1030872_zpslbaecudn.jpg photo P1030873_zpsd2ot0mhc.jpg
 photo P1030874_zps6zhllota.jpg photo P1030875_zpscaxpostb.jpg photo P1030876_zps6uvy0kjf.jpg
 photo P1030877_zpsozydqmxr.jpg photo P1030878_zpstz3vnqsu.jpg photo P1030881_zpsdumckfww.jpg
 photo P1030882_zps166a1t6a.jpg photo P1030883_zpsgai09fvy.jpg photo P1030884_zpsf6rj6mjh.jpg
 photo P1030886_zpsv9jeeeam.jpg photo P1030887_zpsx8qhimpd.jpg photo P1030888_zpsun3hk1vt.jpg
 photo P1030889_zpsh3sn8iot.jpg photo P1030890_zpshw4fc2fc.jpg photo P1030891_zpseb3k7dna.jpg
 photo P1030893_zpszdtihlss.jpg photo P1030895_zpsmlworgy9.jpg photo P1030896_zpsumjmbwgl.jpg
 photo P1030897_zpsziijxhz0.jpg photo P1030898_zpsiu6iouku.jpg photo P1030899_zpslak88xhr.jpg
 photo P1030900_zpsfy7ihqtx.jpg photo P1030902_zpsmyozrytx.jpg photo P1030903_zpsw88n9woa.jpg
 photo P1030904_zpsropqmvzd.jpg photo P1030905_zpsnyzyw2kz.jpg photo P1030906_zpslxqh7j1c.jpg
 photo P1030907_zpsye3ydamu.jpg photo P1030908_zpsotxtacfa.jpg photo P1030909_zpsjlwnq5fm.jpg
 photo P1030910_zpsdo7becac.jpg photo P1030911_zpsbk48pmkh.jpg photo P1030912_zpsaokicfvh.jpg
 photo P1030913_zpsgoecawcw.jpg photo P1030914_zpsrng41dq0.jpg photo P1030915_zpsduplsfol.jpg
 photo P1030916_zps06ateui1.jpg photo P1030917_zpsopmv2d3t.jpg photo P1030918_zpsvccn0aax.jpg
 photo P1030919_zpskeeoydpl.jpg photo P1030920_zpsatjsivji.jpg photo P1030921_zpsuuzj8ocq.jpg
 photo P1030922_zpsaz6pgxfw.jpg photo P1030923_zpssy02bgws.jpg photo P1030924_zpsu2floxb3.jpg
 photo P1030925_zpsubcjojw5.jpg photo P1030926_zpsfkwz2mqe.jpg photo P1030927_zps912lo1iy.jpg
 photo P1030928_zps8smqh53x.jpg photo P1030930_zpszrytg3ik.jpg photo P1030932_zps3mvtkrm3.jpg
 photo P1030933_zpsgsungx9m.jpg photo P1030934_zpsteabdfvr.jpg photo P1030935_zpscghpor9c.jpg
 photo P1030936_zps1k9rndai.jpg photo P1030937_zpsa0vpspdu.jpg photo P1030938_zpswgxifnya.jpg
 photo P1030939_zpssrxvmevj.jpg photo P1030940_zpsqcuf4l75.jpg photo P1030941_zps4nvniagn.jpg
 photo P1030942_zpsyanog04z.jpg photo P1030943_zpsavksyz9m.jpg photo P1030944_zpsuwccejik.jpg
 photo P1030945_zpsf9k7kfjj.jpg photo P1030946_zpssatwamtt.jpg photo P1030947_zpszfillkif.jpg
 photo P1030949_zpsxuyz3pfw.jpg photo P1030950_zpsh3pymlty.jpg photo P1030951_zpsiakfhbgx.jpg
 photo P1030952_zpsj8bs6zkh.jpg photo P1030953_zpsft0a2niy.jpg photo P1030954_zpsczm7pvc7.jpg
 photo P1030958_zps4n12ouur.jpg photo P1030959_zpsz2gqkxup.jpg photo P1030960_zpsdbaiyzbx.jpg
 photo P1030961_zpsysmyiaud.jpg photo P1030963_zps4mfa80zm.jpg photo P1030964_zps2wrtwkxj.jpg
 photo P1030966_zpsuxycnrkz.jpg photo P1030967_zps7xlq53fb.jpg photo P1030968_zpsoihivqsh.jpg
 photo P1030969_zpsnqy4pfee.jpg photo P1030970_zpsosrp4fli.jpg photo P1030971_zpsi2ivd97j.jpg
 photo P1030973_zpsuoxdvagf.jpg photo P1030974_zps1gm2fxyj.jpg photo P1030975_zpsqhxbesuf.jpg
 photo P1030977_zpspndkzbaa.jpg photo P1030978_zpseum4jcl3.jpg photo P1030979_zps3xu1oqnh.jpg
 photo P1030980_zpsodqxbgap.jpg photo P1030981_zpsydky6rmi.jpg photo P1030982_zpsnelfejwp.jpg
 photo P1030983_zpsi4x9ssbe.jpg photo P1030984_zpsttadlp8q.jpg photo P1030985_zpsgxi3wgaq.jpg
 photo P1030986_zpsv5slpn0j.jpg photo P1030987_zpsbzmuttts.jpg photo P1030990_zpsdnwyuode.jpg
 photo P1030991_zpsj9r0o4pz.jpg photo P1030992_zpszimf6slt.jpg
 photo P1030993_zpsvygkw0ja.jpg photo P1030994_zpsybm99w3h.jpg photo P1030995_zpswoky07qt.jpg
 photo P1030996_zpslcn4jzib.jpg photo P1030997_zps5yduqnvw.jpg photo P1030998_zpszwon7ygi.jpg
 photo P1040001_zpsobq4gvs2.jpg photo P1040003_zpskxysahio.jpg photo P1040004_zpswqe7f4rv.jpg
 photo P1040005_zpsv2dxvnnq.jpg photo P1040006_zpsdgevlage.jpg photo P1040007_zpslevgen6x.jpg
 photo P1040008_zpstll7zbve.jpg photo P1040009_zpsrguqy3ei.jpg photo P1040010_zpsbdbaiwi8.jpg
 photo P1040011_zpsabie99bd.jpg photo P1040013_zpsbtxac543.jpg photo P1040014_zps66foc2zz.jpg
 photo P1040015_zpsvtznysjf.jpg photo P1040016_zpsgojzxihb.jpg photo P1040017_zpsftllcj5i.jpg
 photo P1040018_zpszcjgpigu.jpg photo P1040019_zpsz62xtp6n.jpg photo P1040020_zpslrbafuhn.jpg
 photo P1040022_zpssufyepev.jpg photo P1040023_zpscvo05yrg.jpg photo P1040024_zps3xfzeur0.jpg
 photo P1040026_zps8grnoppj.jpg photo P1040027_zpskrbmcfgl.jpg photo P1040028_zpswtrasdzw.jpg
 photo P1040029_zps25xpswos.jpg photo P1040030_zpskpt3s8dp.jpg photo P1040033_zpsln2prlhx.jpg
 photo P1040034_zpsqe2iream.jpg photo P1040035_zpsnqzxw5rm.jpg photo P1040036_zpswoyrxt7n.jpg
 photo P1040037_zpsuafwfdli.jpg photo P1040038_zpszp1vymwf.jpg photo P1040039_zpspqlss99p.jpg
 photo P1040040_zpsfsr69swt.jpg photo P1040041_zps2bzhzy3n.jpg photo P1040042_zps25wasrpm.jpg
 photo P1040043_zps2jxndd4j.jpg photo P1040044_zps3wqiixlq.jpg photo P1040045_zpspyhv7y3q.jpg
 photo P1040046_zpsncmjode6.jpg photo P1040047_zpsxfv1ggdr.jpg photo P1040048_zpsurjqjj0c.jpg
 photo P1040049_zps1jao9way.jpg photo P1040050_zps9nr01m8e.jpg photo P1040051_zpsd9oywier.jpg
 photo P1040052_zps4goaue4f.jpg photo P1040055_zpsdw37odf2.jpg photo P1040056_zpspwilrsnl.jpg
 photo P1040057_zpscwnp7iew.jpg photo P1040058_zpsgum68xti.jpg photo P1040059_zpsp8iazgc9.jpg
 photo P1040060_zpsvcd3iwql.jpg photo P1040061_zpsbkipu4hv.jpg photo P1040062_zpshnapu6av.jpg
 photo P1040063_zps0ipvuo1o.jpg photo P1040064_zpshsfyalrc.jpg photo P1040065_zpsvnub3crx.jpg
 photo P1040067_zpsdpqey091.jpg photo P1040068_zpsktgw9xcy.jpg photo P1040069_zpscdxvv0bb.jpg
 photo P1040070_zpsfbtzfclp.jpg photo P1040071_zps5znwtsuq.jpg photo P1040072_zpsuityyf0v.jpg
 photo P1040073_zps4vhzsasa.jpg photo P1040074_zps2yranbv4.jpg photo P1040075_zpszxmqnhn4.jpg
 photo P1040076_zpsiogizcab.jpg photo P1040077_zpsgjllfs9t.jpg


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2017 Manx Grand Prix, Isle of Man
2017 Manx Grand Prix, Isle of ManAugust 19th, 2017
2017 Manx Grand Prix, Isle of Man

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