RoadSkin Paranoid Hoodie – Long Term Review

Date of Purchase : June 2016

Mileage Covered : c 7000 miles

Price at Time of Purchase : £99 with armour (RRP £129)

Current Price : £129 with armour

Weblink :

RoadSkin Paranoid Hoody - Inside - Fully Lined

RoadSkin Paranoid Hoody – Inside – Fully Lined

Whilst at the Isle of Man TT Races in 2016 I called into the Roadskin pop-up store in Douglas and picked myself up a couple of bits of kit, namely a pair of their jeans and one of these hoodies.  The hoody at the time was on special offer at £99 including the armour – a saving of £30.

I had fancied such an item for quite some time.  Something lighter than the usual motorcycle jacket, something a bit more casual for when you are off the bike and something that still offered some protection.  The problem was the hoodies that I had seen seemed to offer two out of my three requirements, the one that seemed to be always missed was the protection – probably the only one that actually matters!

Note though that this particular hoody is not sold as an outer jacket, and is marketed as being a hoodie for wearing underneath a full on motorcycle jacket.

(Roadskin have since produced a hoody that they say is now suitable as an outer garment.It is called the Elite En13595-2 Titanite (R) Hoodie)

Here is what the Roadskin website has to say on the hoodie :

OUTER: 100% cotton fleece, treated with water resistance solution.

INNER: Fully Lined (excepting the hood) with 320g  DuPont™ Kevlar®

FULLY LINED THROUGHOUT ENTIRE BODY, EXCEPT IN HOOD, WITH MILITARY SPEC HIGH ABRASION RESISTANT  PARA-ARAMID CLOTH. Para Aramid cloth is a high performance anti Abrasion and anti-tear cloth similar to that used by UK Special Forces, Police Force and Emergency Services.




Sizes: S = 36/38; M = 38/40″; L = 44/46; XL = 48/50; 2XL = 50/52; 3XL = 54/56; 4XL = 58/60 chest 5XL 66″ Chest

This is not (officially) sold as a jacket, sold as a lined, hooded sweat shirt with armour to be worn under a jacket.

So what do I say?

It’s great.  It is that simple!  Great!

It has been my absolute jacket of choice for the last year – when dry.  It is shower resistant but that’s it – shower resistant, not rain proof, not water proof, but it will bead off a light shower.

It will keep you cool in a hot day, and I found it comfortable down to about 12 degrees celsius (with only a T-Shirt underneath) anything lower than that and I found it to be chilly, and after a prolonged period chilly becomes uncomfortable.

But for a long day in the saddle it is brilliant.  I used this jacket when completing the Iron Butt Association Circuit of Ireland – that was almost 23 hours of constant riding of almost 900 miles.  It is also the trip that I learn the comfort point of the jacket was about 12 degrees celsuis.  On that particular journey the temperature ranged from about 8 degrees to 18 degrees during the day.

I suppose technically I wasn’t using this jacket as designed, nor recommended, in that I was wearing it as an outer garment, but if I am being honest I’d say most people who bought this jacket are actually usin it as an outer garment and I would even hazard the guess that that is why RoadSkin have now produced a hoody marketed as an outer jacket.

I also used this hoodie extensively throughout the year, commuting, casual riding, ride outs and a weekend away to complete the North Coast 500 Route in Scotland.  On each trip this hoodie never failed me, it was so comfortable and the envy of many other riders who were trapped and cooked in their jackets.  Also walking into a pub or a restaurant for a bite to eat is so much more comfortable in this sort of gear than the more traditional textile or leather equipment.

Almost a year later and having gone through the washing machine a good few times (make sure you follow the supplied washing instructions to protect the water resistance and kevlar) the hoody looks as good as new.  The colour is still fresh, the stitching and fabric have shown no stresses, nor damage from wear and tear.  It is holding out really nicely.

So what have we got?  Comfort, stylish, descreet, cooling with proven abrasion restistant fabric and built in armour.  What’s not to like?

The one aspect that I have not tested is how it stands up to a spill, thankfully!  There are however plenty of videos online showing the RoadSkin people showing and proving the strength and abrasion resistance of their product.  At this stage I am happy with that evidence!

The only summary I can say is, if the shop is at the Isle of Man again this year I will seriously be looking at buying the Elite version – but then again – do I need to?

Roadskin Paranoid Hoody - Comfort and Protection Combined

Roadskin Paranoid Hoody – Comfort and Protection Combined

Ratings :

Cost : 4/5 – £100 is a lot of money, but when you look at the price of some other brands in motorcycling £100 is actually pretty reasonable.

Comfort : 4/5 – Only let down slightly when the temperature drops.

Styling : 5/5 – As far as motorcycle gear goes this is as casual and stylish as it comes.

Protection : Unknown – However 3DO armour is an option, it is fully lined with extremely abrasion resistant kevlar and it is fully lined.  I am more than happy when wearing it.

Overall if you fancy having a kevlar hoody in your bike wardrobe this one is easy to reccommend.


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