Isle of Man TT 2016 : Day 4

So this is it for this trip, the final day.  The boat is about 7pm so unfortunately that means no viewing of the practice session tonight.  That’s one of the bad points on coming over for Practice Week from Northern Ireland – the sailings aren’t perfect, but I suppose there is no way round it unless the Steam Packet put on an 11:00pm sailing – Hint Hint…

On getting packed up the hotel kindly offered to look after my gear and panniers so I could go and enjoy the mountain again – just another reason why I absolutely will go back to this hotel without any qualm.


The Rosslyn Hotel – Isle of Man

After a meet up with the guys in Douglas, some breakkie and a quick walk around the town and a catching of the sights it was time to head out back out towards the track.

The Legendary Isle of Man Horse Drawn Tram

The Legendary Isle of Man Horse Drawn Tram

It was on this walk around the town that I called into the RoadSkin pop up store and purchased myself a nice Roodskin motorcycle hoodie (which I have been wearing regularly ever since) and a pair of jeans (which I have yet to pull on) – the pop up store saving me well over £100 on these two items alone, oh and I picked up a couple of neck warmers too.

(Long Term Review to follow on the RoadsSkin Gear)

The rest of the morning was spend was taking a walk through the pits, taking some photos and watching the teams working hard getting the hard their bikes ready for the next session.  Now that the practice sessions were well and truly underway the teams were working hard on their prep and the pits were in full swing it was awesome!

Gallery : Day 4 – The Pits :

 photo IMG_3945_zps2mtmvqlp.jpg photo IMG_3946_zps2iafaiao.jpg photo IMG_3947_zpsoq5idiuw.jpg
 photo IMG_3948_zpswspidsv3.jpg photo IMG_3949_zpsfv6ownza.jpg photo IMG_3951_zps4hk7s3um.jpg
 photo IMG_3953_zpspcza2lkl.jpg photo IMG_3958_zpst3bt1mrt.jpg photo IMG_3960_zpsgith2xpg.jpg
 photo IMG_3962_zpsqurjj4h9.jpg photo IMG_3964_zpsqht05re8.jpg photo IMG_3965_zps992mvs2z.jpg
 photo IMG_3967_zps1xc8xpwr.jpg photo IMG_3968_zpsxs0ock1m.jpg photo IMG_3969_zpsoqvrt6vs.jpg
 photo IMG_3970_zps2rtl3sg3.jpg photo IMG_3971_zpsnl5bp4v4.jpg photo IMG_3972_zpsa8day3iw.jpg
 photo IMG_3974_zps9yow0uq5.jpg photo IMG_3975_zpsw2f4ofqx.jpg photo IMG_3976_zpscbbgf2so.jpg
 photo IMG_3977_zpskaqoonqx.jpg photo IMG_3979_zpshftefqjv.jpg photo IMG_3980_zps8ny8jki6.jpg
 photo IMG_3981_zpsujneqci8.jpg photo IMG_3982_zpsjwzkveaj.jpg photo IMG_3983_zpse5izryti.jpg
 photo IMG_3986_zpsmgwvel9v.jpg photo IMG_3987_zpstsuidoqt.jpg photo IMG_3989_zpshhi5sqep.jpg
 photo IMG_3990_zpsju6psr8w.jpg photo IMG_3991_zpsvu5vh5un.jpg photo IMG_3993_zpsislbvzvm.jpg
 photo IMG_3994_zpsgdeoxpnj.jpg photo IMG_3996_zpsrfyerldk.jpg photo IMG_3998_zpsaqbr5vhf.jpg
 photo IMG_4001_zpsbfpnpah4.jpg photo IMG_4002_zpsca354ssz.jpg photo IMG_4004_zpsm5qu7wut.jpg
 photo IMG_4005_zpshxzxbhm1.jpg photo IMG_4006_zpskbuuq1zk.jpg photo IMG_4008_zpsvewttzsv.jpg
 photo IMG_4009_zpss7wztcyu.jpg photo IMG_4010_zpslxik1m9h.jpg photo IMG_4011_zpsvsv9rtjd.jpg 

After another ridiculously tasty burger I took myself off exploring the Island again.  This time I headed towards Peel for one big ancient reason – The Castle.  As part of the 2016 Adventure Bike Rider Website Challenge I was visiting and photographing Castles.  Castles were listed from all over the UK and Ireland but nothing from the Isles.  As I was on the Isle of Man I thought it would be rude to not visit Peel Castle and even though it carried no points have it added to my ABR Challenge Record – Have a look at it if you are interested in that sort of thing – there is also a great map detailing the locations of all the mentioned Castles.

Peel Castle - Isle of Man

Peel Castle – Isle of Man

Gallery : Peel Castle, Isle of Man :

 photo IMG_4013_zpswhfzizij.jpg photo IMG_4014_zpssyrpbsgp.jpg photo IMG_4015_zpsnxexc1gd.jpg
 photo P1010644_zps0mnhytru.jpg photo P1010646_zpsnelaqnvp.jpg photo P1010650_zpsfd5vb0ha.jpg
 photo P1010651_zpspeb1usqp.jpg photo IMG_4020_zpsfi9uwhya.jpg photo IMG_4021_zps3aeuciag.jpg
 photo P1010652_zpswjihakap.jpg photo P1010653_zpsfxyx2rhr.jpg photo P1010654_zps4zccihca.jpg
 photo P1010656_zpsy2f41bar.jpg photo IMG_4023_zpspuvs3t3g.jpg photo IMG_4028_zpsvjbb3n8q.jpg
 photo P1010659_zpsnwnzbqwx.jpg photo P1010660_zpsioqfexky.jpg photo IMG_4030_zpszathcudo.jpg
 photo P1010664_zps7cdu1ffd.jpg photo P1010667_zpsmf1lxjwv.jpg photo P1010669_zpsdsu4dqa5.jpg 

So there we have it, my first trip to the Isle of Man for the TT.  This is so easy to summarise, it is awesome!  Will I be back?  Yes!  That is all.

Actually the second the 2017 ferries were released I was booked back on them, as soon as the hotel was taking bookies I was booked back in.  At the time of writing this it is 100 days to the North West 200, that means it is pretty much 114 days to the Isle of Man TT and I am excited!  See you soon 2017 Isle of Man TT Races.

The Sun sets over the Isle of Man and my 2016 Trip - see you in 2017!

The Sun sets over the Isle of Man and my 2016 Trip – see you in 2017!

UPDATE : One other thing.  On my way home I picked up a copy of MCN to read on the ferry.  I generally like MCN, I read it a lot, however this was disappointing…

Near the start of the paper the Editior publishes this…

MCN 2016 - Will Guy MArtin be Missed from the TT

MCN 1st June 2016 – Will Guy MArtin be Missed from the TT

It screams of ‘Yeah Yeah, Guy Martin, we don’t need you’ but then you have this…

MCN 1st June 2016 - Guy Martin

MCN 1st June 2016 – Guy Martin

So yeah yeah Guy Martin we don’t need you at the TT – but hey readers make sure you buy our Guy Martin Special Edition!

Then 2017 happens.  Read the article again, especially the bit about the bloke wearing the John McGuinness cap wandering through the pits.  Well now in 2017 John McGuinness and Guy Martin are Honda Team mates.  There is already a huge buzz about the return of Guy Martin to the TT and guess what MCN have changed their tune… and Guy Martin is back on the front cover.  I know it is their job to sell copies – and I will continue to buy it, but come on stop treating your readers like idiots, and stop the attempts at headline grabbing.  You’ve got the market – treat your readers and your cover stars right and you’ll keep it.  Don’t and you wont!

And my opinion – it’s already pretty obvious from my postings throughout this blog – Let’s Go Guy Martin!

MCN - 18th January 2017 - Guy Martin is Back and MCN are loving it

MCN – 18th January 2017 – Guy Martin is Back and MCN are loving it



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2017 Manx Grand Prix, Isle of Man

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