Isle of Man TT 2016 : Day 2

An early start after being well rested in my super comfortable hotel room!

A bit of breakfast down the hatch and the sun is already shining!  The Start / Finish Line seems like the perfect meeting place…

Isle of Man TT Races - Start Finisg Line - Practice Week - 30/06/2016

Isle of Man TT Races – Start Finish Line – Practice Week – 30/05/2016

To start of with a trip to one of the Island’s regular tourist attractions, The Laxey Wheel…

Laxey Wheel, Laxey, Isle of Man

Laxey Wheel, Laxey, Isle of Man

After the obligatory photo off we go to the mountain road.

This time however the road gets closed due to a collision.  It actually happens twice today, 1 rider is unfortunately critically injured, 3 others are hurt coming off their bikes, and unluckily for them were only wearing tracksuits at the time!

The Isle of Man Constabulary Twitter Account shares this information live time and is really one of the greatest sources of news on the Island.  Make sure you follow them for up to date info on all of the Island’s roads.

Isle of Man Roads Policing Twitter Account :

Isle of Man Police Twitter Account :

Due to this initial closure I got separated from the other 2 lads so I went exploring.  The first stop I made was for suncream.  Note to self – bring suncream.

With the necessities purchased off I went on a quick circle of the Island, not on the track though off the track and this is when I realised there is so much to see here.  Obviously the track is the big draw, and rightly so, it is the most famous road race on the planet but there is an awful lot to see on this Island, and you will miss out if you don’t go off piste and do a bit of exploring!

Isle of Man Coastline

Isle of Man Coastline

Isle of Man Coastline

Isle of Man Coastline

I made it back to the Pits area for a late lunch, were I discovered a Manx Whopper from JK Catering.  It is an 8oz Cheeseburger with bacon that is delicious!  That’s all I can really say, other than get one!

Then the next essential – a SIM Card.  I picked up a £20 SIM Card from ‘Sure.’  It comes with a few hundred minutes, thousands of texts and 10GB of Data.  Here’s the kicker though, it cost £25 for the £20 SIM because it is a ‘TT Pack.’  What is that about!  Other than the 25% price hike it isn’t too bad value, the Data on the Island was quick and having 10GB means you can browse worry free from Roaming Charges.  Browsing, Videos, Audio all streamed quickly without issue.

After lunch settled I took the opportunity for another lap of the Race Circuit and the Mountain.  This time I had the panniers off which makes going that little bit harder that little bit easier.  Your lines can be that little bit tighter and you don’t need to worry about the boxes taking out a few cones or maybe even a TillDawn lamp.  I can safely say today no cones nor lamps were destroyed, today, by me!

After a little injection of adrenaline it was back to the Grandstand area.  Got the bike parked up and had a walk about.  Food, Merchandise (Official and Unofficial), icecream, and bikes, it’s all happening here, an absolute hub of activity and tonight is a practice session so the place is starting to buzz.  It is also free tonight to watch from the Grandstand so this is were I decide to stay.  A quick walk about the John McGuinness Collection #McGuinessCollection and it’s time to take a seat…

Isle of Man TT 2016 - Grandstand Area

Isle of Man TT 2016 – Grandstand Area

Isle of Man TT 2016 - The John McGuinness Collection #McGuinessCollection

Isle of Man TT 2016 – The John McGuinness Collection #McGuinessCollection

Isle of Man TT 2016 - Practice Session (Monday)

Isle of Man TT 2016 – Practice Session (Monday)

Isle of Man TT 2016 - Bruce Anstey Fixing 'the Beard'

Isle of Man TT 2016 – Bruce Anstey Fixing ‘the Beard’

Isle of Man TT 2016 - John McGuinness finishing a lap on Monday's Practice Session.

Isle of Man TT 2016 – John McGuinness finishing a lap on Monday’s Practice Session.

Isle of Man TT 2016 - Sidecars getting ready for Monday's Practice Session.

Isle of Man TT 2016 – Sidecars getting ready for Monday’s Practice Session.

So having watched my first Practice Session from the Grandstand I have a few good points of this spot and a few bad…

Good Points : 

  1.  Commentary.  You know what is happening as it is happening and aren’t then reliant on a radio or internet connection.
  2.  Seats.  Comfort for the bum.
  3.  Parking, nearby convenient, secure and free.
  4. Facilities and Food.  Everything you need is less that 2 minutes away and accessible all the time.

Bad Points :

  1. View isn’t great – you’ll e able to see that yourself from the photos.
  2. Hard to get a decent photo – see point 1.
  3. Not too much action.  It is a straight and start / finish line.  With the staggered starts and fact that it is a practice session there isn’t that much going on other than fast starts.

Having done the Grandstand it is nice to have the commentary and the facilities however I’ll be elsewhere on the track for the next session.

After the racing ends I go on a tour of Douglas, the place is buzzing.  Music coming from all the bars, the promenade is hiving.  Bikes everywhere, bikers everywhere, it is so easy to see why people come back here year on year.

Isle of Man TT 2016 : Practice Day 30/05/2016 : Gallery :

 photo IMG_3828_zpsmhjlwxf4.jpg photo IMG_3830_zpsvvkurrsj.jpg photo IMG_3837_zpskg882h0v.jpg
 photo P1010037_zpsiccqaxrl.jpg photo P1010040_zpsump6nw09.jpg photo IMG_3840_zpsjpsxpswl.jpg
 photo IMG_3841_zpsecwc057z.jpg photo IMG_3842_zpszk39u9wb.jpg photo IMG_3846_zpsncoip8sa.jpg
 photo IMG_3847_zpshbhy4ti4.jpg photo IMG_3848_zpsj07myvjl.jpg photo IMG_3849_zpsyu2nnnpc.jpg
 photo IMG_3850_zpszqrw7s9z.jpg photo IMG_3851_zps7gmugued.jpg photo IMG_3852_zpsqm7ivn8q.jpg
 photo IMG_3853_zpsvezb9k74.jpg photo IMG_3854_zpsq0lnav0c.jpg photo IMG_3855_zpstippxgbd.jpg
 photo IMG_3856_zpsyyhnifmk.jpg photo IMG_3857_zps2buswpqo.jpg photo IMG_3859_zps4eghgvor.jpg
 photo IMG_3861_zpsup9nsk0u.jpg photo IMG_3862_zps0xbdqkke.jpg photo IMG_3863_zps7dc8g3sd.jpg
 photo IMG_3864_zps0zze04ao.jpg photo IMG_3865_zps9eafktbc.jpg photo IMG_3867_zpshfjapcux.jpg
 photo IMG_3869_zpsvnesmibe.jpg photo IMG_3870_zpsukcs8ktw.jpg photo IMG_3871_zps90rkikyi.jpg
 photo IMG_3872_zpslt4sjd8c.jpg photo IMG_3873_zpsf6gwluep.jpg photo IMG_3875_zpst4rkyq5x.jpg
 photo IMG_3876_zps6owm9j7p.jpg photo IMG_3878_zpszjczdwnp.jpg photo IMG_3879_zps11ny0yei.jpg
 photo IMG_3882_zpsmhnnvqip.jpg photo IMG_3883_zpsydkqpkmg.jpg photo IMG_3884_zpsnt7hlqgg.jpg
 photo IMG_3887_zpswjhc1qg5.jpg photo P1010043_zpstvcjweep.jpg photo P1010044_zpsfwxxtop1.jpg
 photo P1010045_zpse9rtjk1t.jpg photo P1010047_zps0bs5ked6.jpg photo P1010048_zpsptfhfgwe.jpg
 photo P1010049_zpsvkevhisi.jpg photo P1010051_zpsxrs5zket.jpg photo P1010055_zpssaznmv1o.jpg
 photo P1010057_zps8ofkfxy6.jpg photo P1010059_zps1plr3soa.jpg


This blog covers three things (mainly - I'll post other interesting things too) - motorcycling, technology and photography. The photography is mainly linked to the other two. So sit back, get a Coke and a smile, read and enjoy! Comments are welcome, so if you want to say something - please, feel free! Check me out on : Twitter : @TomBoyNI Instagram : BMWR1200GSA2010

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2017 Manx Grand Prix, Isle of ManAugust 19th, 2017
2017 Manx Grand Prix, Isle of Man

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