Gadget Show Live (2017) Cancelled?

In what seems like devastating news for the UK Gadget fan Gadget Show Live appears to have been cancelled.

With relative Internet silence around the annual event, and the fact that at this time of year I normally pick up my tickets, get the flights and hotel booked and sort out a Christmas present at the same time I was looking to get that little bit of spending sorted.

However nothing. No talk of tickets, nothing on the NEC website, nothing from The Gadget Show, nothing on TV, nothing.

A little more internet digging and The Gadget Show Live website ( redirects to has no reference to an upcoming Show. It is now advertising The Technology Showcase at Westfield, London (in October 2016).

Following on from this And my search turned to Social Media.

Facebook : – again references Technology Showcase, it states ‘Brought to you by the organisers of The Gdget Show Live.

Gadget Show Live Faceebook Page has a distinct lack of any mention of the Gadget Show Live!

Gadget Show Live Faceebook Page has a distinct lack of any mention of the Gadget Show Live!

Twitter : @gadgetshowlive has been suspended.

Gadget Show Live  Twitter Page Suspended (as of 10/09/2016)

Gadget Show Live Twitter Page Suspended (as of 10/09/2016)

@TheGadgetshow is still working and tweeting as normal.

Oh dear.

A quick search on Google my concerns seem to be somewhat justified. It appears the show may well be cancelled and if not cancelled certainly without an organiser. A show without an organiser – may as well be cancelled!  ( seem to be the only site making any sort of comment, but when you look at the above and then this, it seems to be rather likely that it is accurate.

Upper Street Events, the creators of the Gadget Show Live have announced they will no longer be running the Gadget Show Live 2017 at the NEC arena in Birmingham.

The news comes as a surprise to many people especially when the event last year was considered a great success.

And then what appears to a be a statement from Upper Street Events…

The director of Upper Street Events, Isobel Dennis, said “We have found in recent years that our exhibitors are beginning to look to other way to show their products”. She also went on to say that was the main reason they have decided not to run the Gadget Show Live 2017.

Although the Gadget Show Live event might be cancelled Upper Street Events have said they are working on “other opportunities” within the technology sector. This most likely means they are working on a new technology show which could replace the Gadget Show Live.

One of their newest events is the Technology Showcase at Westfield which had its first year back in 2015. The event focuses on showing the latest technology from a range of brands including Jaguar Land Rover, Epson, HIVE and Lycamobile.

In addition to this even, Upper Street Events have also announced that they are about to launch a new exhibition based on the consumer electronics industry. Although no details have be released as yet, we are expecting more information to come nearer the events date.

A search for this statement from Upper Street Events couldn’t be confirmed as their website was unavailable :

Upper Street Events Webpage Currently Unavailable (as of 10/09/2016)

Upper Street Events Webpage Currently Unavailable (as of 10/09/2016)

Then finally from iBeani there is this little glimmer of hope :

Although it seems the Gadget Show Live 2017 might be cancelled for now, if we receive any new information regarding the show then don’t worry we’ll keep you up to date! It’s still possible that another event organiser could decide to continue with it.

So with a little glimmer of hope I reached out to those in the know on Twitter :

And pretty quickly @AmyWilliamsMBE replied with this further, slightly brighter glimmer of hope :

A little glimmer of hope from Amy Williams on Twitter?

A little glimmer of hope from Amy Williams on Twitter?

So where do we actually stand. I’d say at this stage I am towards Cancelled and No Show. However it seems there may be a slight hope for a new organiser to step up and take the reigns.

I do have numerous other things to say on my own feelings of such events and how much their charge exhibitors and then the public. It’s like double jeopardy and I’d imagine if exhibitors are losing interest, looking for other ways to promote their products it’ll be down to the return on investment they get from such shows. Maybe if organisers were not seeking such ridiculous ground / rent fees, exhibitors would be more keen to display. Especially when you consider how much they pay, then how much we pay. I’d imagine putting on a quality show is a far lower priority than the profit margin.

Secure the quality show, take a lower profit and ensure the life of the show for longer. The longer life means a bigger profit longer term, but hey what do I know.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed for a quality show to still be at the NEC in 2017!


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