14/05/2015 NW200 Thursday Night Race Night!

With Thursday now being the 1st Official Race Night of the NW200 I am happy to bring you the official results and the a nice photo gallery of some of the action from the Juniper Hill Chicane near Portstewart.  This is a decent vantage point for taking some decent photographs as the bikes are well slowed down for reaching the chicane, something the riders aren’t to fond off! Guy Martin for example started a bit of controversy for being ‘Bored to the back teeth!’

Unfortunately tonight we only got two of the three races completed, a red flag halted the 3rd race, thankfully no one was injured badly, however following consultation with the riders a low evening sun (as pictured), and time constraints meant the third and final race could not be run and was postponed until Saturday’s racing.

Results for Race 1 : Supersports

14/05/2015 NW200 Supersports Results

14/05/2015 NW200 Supersports Results

Results for Race 2 : Supertwins

14/05/2015 NW200 Results Race 2 Supertwins

14/05/2015 NW200 Results Race 2 Supertwins

Gallery :

 photo IMG_3739_zpsdoeolc3v.jpg
 photo IMG_3740_zpsmgyoikii.jpg
 photo IMG_3745_zpswcqla9fp.jpg
 photo IMG_3747_zpsrgvrqkma.jpg
 photo IMG_3753_zps6pljefuu.jpg
 photo IMG_3754_zps2xu3utx9.jpg
 photo IMG_3755_zpsesdwo7et.jpg
 photo IMG_3756_zps5t6avntf.jpg
 photo IMG_3758_zpszjm9rrjx.jpg
 photo IMG_3761_zpshbevhceo.jpg
 photo IMG_3762_zpstb6ctsr2.jpg
 photo IMG_3763_zps9lodilvf.jpg
 photo IMG_3764_zpsclwlifdu.jpg
 photo IMG_3765_zpsgmzkg4sw.jpg
 photo IMG_3766_zpsjmlhikgn.jpg
 photo IMG_3768_zps77kvyuwc.jpg
 photo IMG_3769_zpsvyrpdmtt.jpg
 photo IMG_3770_zpsoawozjij.jpg
 photo IMG_3771_zpsukdkcl1q.jpg
 photo IMG_3772_zpsqobqaa5g.jpg
 photo IMG_3774_zpspcwwcjr0.jpg
 photo IMG_3773_zpsiixbproq.jpg
 photo IMG_3775_zpscxy3ku7x.jpg
 photo IMG_3776_zpsflzd33x4.jpg
 photo IMG_3777_zpszmc97mqe.jpg
 photo IMG_3778_zpsz4stit5j.jpg
 photo IMG_3779_zpsslbvwhtp.jpg
 photo IMG_3780_zpsr3m2zrma.jpg
 photo IMG_3783_zps5i4du9f1.jpg
 photo IMG_3784_zpskyrirjgz.jpg
 photo IMG_3785_zpsbiukhlxn.jpg
 photo IMG_3788_zps3c2qrmed.jpg
 photo P1100247_zps1ckodijv.jpg
 photo P1100248_zpskhq6223g.jpg
 photo P1100249_zpskybogy0g.jpg
 photo P1100250_zpsn5guc37q.jpg
 photo P1100251_zpswal4eel6.jpg
 photo P1100253_zpsh3gvl1wq.jpg
 photo P1100254_zps2v8fw40c.jpg
 photo P1100255_zpssqfpwsbr.jpg
 photo P1100257_zpskrezhwsq.jpg
 photo IMG_3790_zpsmc3ixr8l.jpg
 photo IMG_3791_zpsphn4crc5.jpg
 photo IMG_3793_zps2za2lkho.jpg
 photo IMG_3794_zpsgurfubln.jpg
 photo IMG_3795_zpsvhsq4ssk.jpg
 photo IMG_3802_zpsrhvfb4cx.jpg
 photo IMG_3804_zpsdx32v0ql.jpg
 photo IMG_3805_zpscviujimt.jpg
 photo IMG_3814_zps88tmcxt3.jpg
 photo IMG_3817_zpsmjpkfq36.jpg
 photo IMG_3818_zpsnlxlemqr.jpg
 photo IMG_3820_zpsqx0e5flq.jpg
 photo IMG_3823_zpspidshuai.jpg
 photo IMG_3824_zpsvin1pyx2.jpg
 photo IMG_3826_zpsie9cr4jn.jpg
 photo IMG_3827_zps9xqntjas.jpg
 photo P1100261_zpsblrbjknu.jpg
 photo P1100264_zpsronqnugc.jpg
 photo P1100267_zps0hm0lz02.jpg
 photo P1100270_zpsocnsbjvn.jpg
 photo P1100271_zpstoyabdej.jpg
 photo P1100272_zpsm9cgi49l.jpg
 photo P1100274_zpskvqwpcpp.jpg
 photo P1100275_zpsmqrl1ssz.jpg
 photo P1100277_zpssxdwtszy.jpg
 photo P1100279_zpsmckrbvdl.jpg
 photo P1100280_zpszbgysyjr.jpg
 photo P1100281_zpslabzlffk.jpg
 photo P1100282_zpsfbnco8mn.jpg
 photo IMG_3835_zpsnuh63vq0.jpg
 photo IMG_3836_zps5vvvb6am.jpg
 photo IMG_3838_zpsoojkrbx4.jpg
 photo IMG_3843_zpsimtwbg05.jpg
 photo IMG_3842_zpspnpolgyq.jpg
 photo IMG_3845_zpsbca6yfen.jpg
 photo IMG_3846_zps0adt3bhf.jpg
 photo IMG_3847_zpsclit2ocr.jpg
 photo IMG_3848_zpssqjpdh6c.jpg
 photo IMG_3849_zpsnlm6xczx.jpg
 photo IMG_3854_zpsrpfzu7xp.jpg
 photo IMG_3855_zpstxab0bhn.jpg
 photo IMG_3856_zps9tkrdexm.jpg
 photo IMG_3860_zpspxkp49xk.jpg
 photo IMG_3862_zpsotrtrla9.jpg
 photo IMG_3865_zpsvqk7cra4.jpg
 photo IMG_3867_zpsqvncgnex.jpg
 photo IMG_3868_zpsnva0rvma.jpg
 photo P1100283_zps5vjd92y8.jpg
 photo P1100284_zpsgm7slm1m.jpg
 photo IMG_3828_zpsrkldqpqm.jpg
 photo IMG_3837_zpsm2svuzeb.jpg


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