Nook Simple Touch UnBoxing

I already had a few options for readings whilst on the go, the first being books and magazines, but c’mon it is 2013 and actual books are heavy and awkward. I know to some people I have just committed a crime against humanity by stating that actual books are in some way less than the perfect item to place your eyes upon, but for me they are ideal. I had my iPad, iPhone, and more importantly with the mobile internet do we actually need to read one specific thing when there are millions of articles and pages to read online?

That opens up thousands more questions but I think it is safe to say that at some point most people will come across a title that they want to read, something that they have a genuine interest in and the internet just won’t cut it.

It is this point for me that an e-reader has a role. I am not a ‘big’ reader, I have probably read about 10 books in the last as many years however there are a few books that have appeared in the recent past that have made me look at a techy way of reading them.

So the iPad and iPhone are options, iBooks seems like a good solution too, and with Apple’s OSX Mavericks coming very soon with iBooks built in Apple seems to have a great solution. One main problem is the screen, the screen that is so perfect for so many things just doesn’t suit reading, then you have battery issues, an iPad lasts hours, an e-reader can last months.

Then along came the biggie, the price reduction in the Banes and Ernst Nook Simple Touch e-Reader. Coming in at £29 it made e-Readers very affordable. So I bought one, and they are great. With a program called Calibre you can convert many different eBook formats to be compatible with the Nook, it evens handles pdf files reasonably well (a little laggy, but completely functional). The biggest benefit in these e-Readers is the e-Ink, and the paper type display, it greatly reduces any eyestrain and makes reading from the tablet much easier on the eye. It is actually like reading from paper.

Books can be downloaded from the built in book store (accessed via wifi), or for some other source and transferred to the Nook, remembering Calibre you have a huge library of both free and paid books available.

The next big advantage is the battery life, one charge can last up to three months, say no more!

There are a couple of problems though. The first being the lack of any back light, so reading in the dark is impossible, reading in dim light is hard work too. A back light is sorely missed. Finally I am not 100% convinced on the screen size, for me it is just a little small, however on the other hand this size is perfect for holding, it is light and easy to hold, so maybe this is a slight negative for a bigger positive. I will have to let you decide on that for yourselves.

Oh and one final thing, it has made me read more. I am currently reading World War Z, I haven’t seen the movie yet but the book is excellent, something that I probably would have missed out save for the Nook!

 photo P1060878_zps19386948.jpg photo P1060877_zps99de2a9f.jpg photo P1060879_zpsfa80d6b3.jpg

 photo P1060880_zps8e126fef.jpg photo P1060882_zpsd2d3fb31.jpg photo P1060883_zps6d1ceb4f.jpg

 photo P1060884_zps0170d9a1.jpg photo P1060886_zps4cff69f7.jpg


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