Northern Ireland 12th July 2012 Celebrations / Riots

So it is the 12 July again and that means it is time for rioting across Northern Ireland and moreso Belfast and the Ardoyne shops.

This basically comes down to the Loyal Orange Order wanting to match along their traditional route. The Nationalists then claim that this area is not supportive of an oppressive march and it is not welcome.

Result – A Stand off.

So what has now become a yearly event the Nationalists attack the police who are trying to separate them from the Loyalists.

Today there were determinations ruled by the Parades Commission that meant the LOL had to be finished by 4pm. They did this. Then the Nationalists would have a counter demonstration, however before this happened the riots began.

These riots have lead to #Belfast and #Ardoyne trending on twitter! A real shame in this 2012, our year, our place, our time.

We have let ourselves and each other down a lot this year.

I could go on and on about this but I want to keep it straight and to the facts do that is them. I have amassed a full collection of photos from the day which I will get up later, but really people – wise up your are destroying your own communities and raising tensions when in this day and age there should be none!



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