Panasonic TZ-30 Unboxing, Initial Thoughts and Sample Shots!

Seems sometimes that I am trying to play catch up in relation to this little piece of TBNI, but around 19 days ago I mentioned an unboxing of my new Panasonic TZ-30 along with some initial thoughts and a few sample photos.

Instead though of playing catch up I actually think that this has given me a good chance to get a little play with the camera, which in turn makes me a little more qualified to pass judgement.

The unboxing itself requires little comment, it arrived in the post, next day from Amazon, who to be fair are hard to complain about, and from that point I opened it, here’s how that went!



Click on the photos to have a closer look, they were taken with a DSLR, a Canon EOS 1100d with the kit 17 – 55 mm IS lens.

A few thoughts then:

I looked long and hard at which point and shoot I was going to purchase and it came down to a choice between the Panasonic TZ-30 and a Canon HS260. I have a Canon DSLR and had a Panasonic TZ-7. The Canon DSLR is brilliant, considering I am a beginner, and already I want a EOS 600 series. However my TZ-7 served me well for a good number of years. In fact it served me superbly!

I think it was this service then that made my decision so hard. It would have been really easy to stick with Canon, but the past quality I have known from my Panny made me dig a little harder!

It was then I realised that the Panasonic did HDR shots automatically, in that I wouldn’t have to set up a tripod, adjust settings and hoped nothing in the scene changed. This got my attention as thanks to the iPhone I now love HDR photographer, and have learnt from my DSLR there is quite a lot of work behind it, so the Panny doing it for me is a massive PLUS point.

Then I learnt the Panny had a touch screen and did 3D photos, no use to me as I don’t have a 3D TV yet, but hey, soon I might.

The more I read the more I saw that in review after review the Panasonic was out ranking the Canon, and this is the page that made my decision final :

There’s obviously not a lot in, and the TZ-30 was a little bit more expensive, but now almost 3 weeks and hundreds of photos into my use of it I am more than a little happy, for a point and shoot this little camera is EPIC! Forget the science behind it, as a user, and a human this camera works in every way I want it to. That’s my final though – EPIC!

A few Sample Shots!
Again these are real world shots, taken at everyday events, such as a forest, a car show and a motorbike race, things that normal people enjoy photographing, and showing the real undoctored results.



This blog covers three things (mainly - I'll post other interesting things too) - motorcycling, technology and photography. The photography is mainly linked to the other two. So sit back, get a Coke and a smile, read and enjoy! Comments are welcome, so if you want to say something - please, feel free! Check me out on : Twitter : @TomBoyNI Instagram : BMWR1200GSA2010

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